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The difference in price between PTE and IELTS is not much, but the cost of PTE Academic is slightly lower. According to the official figures checked in August 2022, the PTE test costs approximately USD $160, whereas the IELTS test costs about USD $185. These costs may vary slightly depending on whether their governing bodies decide to raise or lower the test prices. The latest updates and pricing information for PTE vs IELTS can be found on their official websites listed below. You should check the prices according to your planned test location, as they may vary slightly.
To make a better comparison between IELTS and PTE, let's take a closer look at each of the above items. Slowly, you will reveal all the details of both tests for you to understand better. Listening tests consist of four recorded monologues and conversations. Reading tests include three long reading passages. Texts include descriptive, factual, discursive, and analytical, along with non-verbal materials such as diagrams, graphs, and illustrations. As part of the Academic & General Writing section of IELTS, you will be asked authentic texts from books, journals, and newspapers. The first task is a 150-word essay where the candidate summarizes, describes, or explains a table, graph, chart, or diagram. You need to write a 150-word formal or informal letter for the first General Writing task in IELTS. The second IELTS Writing task is similar to that for Academics and Generals, but is a 250-word essay on any given topic. If you compare the PTE test with the SAT test, you will see that there are only three sections, with two of them combined into one.

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PTE Write Essay
PTE Write Essay & PTE Essay Template

If you are writing an essay for PTE, you should spend around a minute or two thinking about what your ideas will be, and never start typing right away, planning is crucial. Before you begin writing your essay, take a moment to think about and note down what you plan to cover in your response. Once you have decided on what to write, you should spend up to 15 minutes writing it. To achieve the maximum score, develop your ideas and apply the Edutrainex PTE Essay writing template. Make sure to proofread and edit your essay for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors in the last 3 to 5 minutes. Keep some time in the end to refine and edit your PTE essay response, so that you can make it better. The following steps will ease the process of using our PTE essay template or structure if you are aiming for a high score.
In order to write an essay relevant to the topic, you need to plan. This article will show you how to plan, what you need to write in your notepad before you begin typing the essay, and how to use the PTE Essay template. As an example, plan your essay based on argumentative, agree-disagree, or advantages-disadvantages PTE essay types. Choose one side of the essay topic, whichever you are more comfortable with, and then think about two single ideas for each paragraph of the PTE write essay topic. You should divide your essay introduction into 3 sections according to writing essay template. We will help you improve your basic English skills, then focus on your PTE essay writing requirements. If you follow our template and advice, you can be sure to succeed in the PTE essay task.

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Read Aloud
Read Aloud & PTE Read Aloud

Whenever possible, try to finish the PTE Read Aloud test in about 30 to 35 seconds. If you speak at a moderate pace and naturally, you will definitely finish around this time, but if you speak very slowly, you may not be able to finish. In the PTE Read Aloud, speaking too fast will also result in a finish time of about 20 seconds, which is unacceptable. In addition, once you have finished speaking, click next and move on to the next question without waiting for the timer to run out. I would go through the entire text during preparation time and try to emphasize the words that I am having trouble with. In the PTE Read Aloud paragraph, I might fumble while speaking the words ‘prewired’ and ‘receptive’. Here is the same text with some emphasis on meaningful words. Make sure you practice the PTE Read Aloud paragraph and see how you did.
Follow the same steps and approach as explained below, and see how you improve. This PTE Read Aloud example has more difficult words than the previous one, so make the most of the 40 seconds. Among the words I would recommend practicing during the preparation time were 'investigation', 'asteroid', 'rubble', and 'clump'. The PTE Read Aloud task requires you to focus on some meaningful words. Edutrainex provides students with many examples and practice questions to help them perfect their spoken English, so let’s take a look at some of them. You will master the PTE Read Aloud task once you finish preparing these practice questions because they are designed to be close to the actual exam questions, along with a similar level of difficulty. If you want to pass the PTE exam successfully, you must practice a lot of questions and seek help from PTE experts such as us.

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